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norton commando 961ss - 2010

For what it's worth, and to clarify any misunderstandings that some posting here might have had (or still have)-

The New Norton IS INDEED the exact design that Kenny Dreer fell short of producing, with only detailed tweaking to meet EPA/DOT and actually tool up for production.

The design of the engine, while still pushrod based (maybe no the best idea), is NOT the old layout AT ALL. It is roller rocker, roller cam, roller lifters, etc. ala "NASCAR" (according to some of the early promo literature). One-piece rockerbox cover, EFI, hydraulic clutch actuator with TRUE "wet" clutch pack sharing tranny oil, and other refinements. This is NOT your grandfather's Norton.

I agree with those that say it is overpriced, but for a VERY niche market, low volume, limited lineup manufacturer, I hope Gardner can hang on long enough to develop other models based on this lump, and maybe a triple to further bolster the lineup which includes the proven rotary.

If I ever have wads of play money, I'll most likely have one in my garage. Until then:

-75 Norton 850 Mark III e-start engine & modified frame
-Kenny Dreer unique "big bearing" monoshock swingarm & tranny cradle (Showa adjustable monoshock)
-Kawasaki 636 front end (43mm Showa), stem turned to fit Norton steering head bearings
-Excel rims laced by Buchanan's, Dreer VR880 front hub, Metzeler tires
-Brembo 298mm full floaters up front, Blanchard ground, drilled & lightened Norton rotor in back
-Dual four-pot nissin brakes up front, OEM Norton Lockheed in back
-Clubman rearsets, modified for left foot disc brake master cylinder
-Kenny Dreer bodywork (Kaw front fender)
-Unique Kenny Dreer tight-tuck / under-slung exhaust system
-Hand wired electrical system with individually fused circuits
-Sparx electronic ignition & 3-phase charging system, AGM battery under the tail section
-Taylor head steady, Eads front steady, Mark III adjustable isolastics

Currently running Amal 932 carbs, but just got adapters for a pair of Kehin FCR 35mm flat-slide carbs w/ custom manifold adapters. Will be installed soon!

Still to come:
-Dreer VR880 crankcases & modified cylinders
-Baisley head, flowed, ported, oversize valves w/ 7mm stems, lash caps & mushroom head adjusters
-JE 10:1 pistons, Megacycle 560-00 cam, radiused followers
-1 of only 3 hand-built carbon fiber primary cases
-Lytedrive belt drive with Sureflex clutch plates & ring gear mod
-Spyke electric starter
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